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Alliance for NH Foster Parents


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At FOSTERING CHANGE: Alliance for NH Foster Parents we strive to expand the influence of foster parents and those who care about the lives of foster children. We are local individuals interested in advocating, partnering with community organizations, churches and pediatric providers, and joining the efforts of the Division of Youth, Children and Families (DCYF) in transforming the child-serving and family support systems in our state.


The essential role of foster parents requires consistent connections, education and mentorship. Trust is at the root of foster care reform which relies on foster parents and relative caregivers to be the front line providers of care to children. As better policies are implemented that protect and value those who care for foster children, we hope to solve the foster home shortage in New Hampshire by recruiting more quality foster families and advocating for protection and support that will ensure foster parent and relative caregiver retention.

The Alliance is a unique organization that empowers foster parents and relative care-givers with guidance, resources and peer support to navigate the foster care system and to help foster change. We believe that together through coalition building we can bring hope to others and improve the lives of vulnerable children and families throughout New Hampshire. 

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At the Alliance we identify, foster, and implement thoughtful and sustainable solutions to the complex challenges in New Hampshire’s foster care system. Too many children entering foster care are fundamentally voiceless as they are shuffled around or until they age out of the system. We are represented at a monthly meeting with the director of DCYF, the monthly foster care sub-committee meeting at the State House, the Community Faith Based Initiative (CFBI) and the Better Together with Birth Parents (BTWBP) and Family Drug Court steering committees. Together we mobilize churches and schools, pediatric providers, mental health professionals and the community-at-large to best meet the needs of at-risk children and families, and those affected by the Opioid crisis throughout our state.


The time has come to develop a stronger, unified value-centered approach to foster care. Ensuring that dependent children receive the best possible care is everyone’s responsibility. Click HERE to learn more about our goals and plans for the future. There are many ways to be a "change-maker," participate in the New Hampshire's child welfare system's transformation and make a difference! 

We believe that everyone can do something! 

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We want to help you learn more and connect with others. Whether you're looking for more information about helping with transitions, dealing with challenging situations/behaviors, child development, adoption or childhood trauma, we have what you need. We also have multiple resources for working together with birth parents and navigating foster care. You will also find faith-based support suggestions, recommended reading materials, ways to advocate for a child in your care and information about supporting our legislative efforts. 

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Membership is free of charge and is open to anyone who cares about foster children. The Alliance is building a strong presence on social media and aims to keep foster parents informed about current events, as well as opportunities to work with law-makers and to be involved in legislative efforts, including active involvement in an on-going monthly foster care sub-committee meeting with legislators in Concord. Members stay connected through Facebook, Twitter, personal correspondence and by attending local foster care related meetings at various venues. Click below to join us or click HERE to learn more about fostering change at the State House!

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