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Data shows link between childhood trauma, adult health
December 10, 2018
N.H. Will Get $500K+ To Keep Kids Out of Foster Care
November 27, 2018
HUD grant will fund housing vouchers as alternative to foster care
November 22, 2018
Some improvement seen at DCYF, but more work needed, officials say
November 16, 2018
New website aims to connect potential parents with children ready to be adopted
November 15, 2018
State to receive federal funds for programs to combat child maltreatment
October 8, 2018
Council OKs contract for youth drug rehab at Sununu Center
October 3, 2018
Federal grant to support NH youth affected by opioid crisis
October 1, 2018
As youth offender population plummets, Sununu Center to host private 36-bed drug treatment center
September 25, 2018
Taking a Toll: N.H.'s Gap in Services for Teens Struggling with Opioid Use
September 20, 2018
Report: N.H. ranks among top states for foster kids receiving psychiatric drugs
September 18, 2018
Beyond the Stigma Part 2: Team goes door to door to help child victims of extreme trauma
September 3, 2018
Beyond the Stigma Part 1: Adults can do a lot to help a child recover from trauma, psychologist says
September 1, 2018
Dave Solomon's State House Dome: A social worker's lament
August 31, 2018
NH child protection services get failing grades in federal review
August 30, 2018
Another View -- Molly Kelly: Chris Sununu is failing to protect vulnerable children
August 30, 2018
Former DCYF worker awarded $275K
August 25, 2018
Dave Solomon's State House Dome: Grandparents are unsung heroes of opioid crisis
August 18, 2018
NH child protection services get failing grades in federal review
August 17, 2018
Report finds continuing struggle at DCYF to meet demand
August 17, 2018
Father accuses DCYF of failing to protect daughter from mother’s fatal abuse
August 14, 2018
Father of Toddler Killed in 2015 Sues N.H. DCYF (Includes 27 pg court fiing)
August 13, 2018
12 lawyers debate how much of lawsuit over NH foster child's grave injuries should be public
August 3, 2018
DCYF, CASA, Spaulding Youth Center lose lawsuit to silence Union Leader on toddler injured in foster care
July 21, 2018
NH settles another child abuse lawsuit
July 20, 2018
'Opioid orphans' unseen victims of drug epidemic
State helps increasing number of children affected by crisis
July 9, 2018

Pass Along Project Godsend for Foster Families

July 9, 2018


Mom of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim brings school safety model to NH

June 30, 2018


Foster care program celebrates 100th adoption milestone

Therapeutic Foster Care program helped 100 children find their forever homes

June 25, 2018

Report: Percent of children taken from families for substance abuse doubled in 4 years

June 6, 2018

Lawyers in DCYF case win big payday

May 26, 2018
Judge waives rules to award 40% of $6.75M settlement of DCYF abuse case to lawyers
May 25, 2018
Lawyers for abused girls to get 40 percent $6.75M settlement 
May 25, 2018
'Greater Public Accountability': $2.7 Million Can Go to Lawyers in 'Horrific' DCYF Abuse Case
May 25, 2018
Former Sununu Youth Center counselor to register as sex offender for assault of detained teen
May 23, 2018
Ongoing opioid crisis takes toll on NH families
May 17, 2018
Ongoing opioid crisis takes toll on NH families Number of children removed from homes increases as crisis continues
May 17, 2018
Report alleges a pattern of abuse at Sununu Youth Services Center
May 9, 2018
New Hampshire to pay abused girls, family $6.75 million
May 3, 2018
DCYF employee declines controversial promotion
May 2, 2018
DCYF employees, governor's office express concern over ​​new deputy director
May 1, 2018

Open heart, open home: Fostering in NH- How becoming a foster parent changed the lives of 3 families

May 2018

Foster parents' bill of rights up for Senate vote
April 30, 2018
N.H. child advocate office could get more authority under bill
April 22, 2018
CloseUp: Child advocate says DCYF reforms at risk
April 22, 2018
Proposal would allow direct access to child advocate
April 19, 2018
Lawmakers back proposal to enhance powers of the Child Advocate
April 18, 2018
Child protection: Progress made, challenges remain
April 2, 2018
Child protection is her top priority
March 31, 2018
Real cost of boosting DCYF
March 25, 2018
Settlement reached in child sex abuse suit against DCYF
March 31, 2018
Foster and Adoptive Parent Association Hires Executive Director
March 20, 2018
N.H. court reverses judge decision on DCYF child protection case
March 15, 2018
NH Senate OKs $5.5m for child protection, mental health
March 14, 2018
State Sen. Dan Feltes: Invest in protecting New Hampshire children
March 14, 2018
N.H. Senate passes bills to bolster DCYF services
March 14, 2018
DCYF leaders say caseloads still high, turnover still a problem
March 11, 2018
Life After Heroin in NH: Giving Birth And Finding A Home While Recovering | The Opioid Diaries | TIME
February 22, 2018
Foster parents' rights bill met with skepticism by DCYF official
February 3, 2018
Child Advocate to Oversee N.H's Child Protection System
February 1, 2018
Letter: A failure to invest in N.H. kids
January 30, 2018
State's new child advocate will see the full picture
January 29, 2018
Foster Parents Testify at State House
January 29, 2018
DCYF Eyes Reform Progress, Possible Support for Foster Parent Bill of Rights
January 25, 2018
Foster parents call for better treatment by DCYF
January 24, 2018
Consultant says DCYF should prioritize backlog of cases
January 4, 2018
Senate committee hears testimony about Foster Care Child Bill of Rights
January 12, 2018
New Hampshire Foster Parents, Concern Over Movement of Children in Care
January 2, 2018
Story of the Year No. 2: The flaws of N.H.’s Division of Children, Youth and Families  
Dec. 29, 2017
Report: Fivefold increase in number of NH newborns with drug condition
More newborns suffer from neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)
December 19, 2017


Opioid crisis taking a toll on children, families

November 16, 2017


A home for every child: Celebrating adoptive parents at NH State House on Nov. 13

November 13, 2017


Local Groups Collaborate to Support Foster Families

November 3, 2017

State Rep. Sean Morrison resigns from Foster Care Oversight Committee

November 1, 2017

Foster Parents Fight for Rights in NH 

October 29, 2017


Another View- Dylan Remenar: Why foster parents need a Bill of Rights

November 9, 2017

Foster parents testify at State House

October 23, 2017

Willard: Direct drug epidemic funds to help protect kids 

October 23, 2017


Life beyond addiction: Organizations Aid Moms with Substance Abuse Disorders

October 21, 2017

Foster parents bring tough questions

October 16, 2017

Committee Will Examine Foster Care Issues In New Hampshire

October 16, 2017


Legislature to examine NH foster care issues

October 15, 2017


Competing foster care bills head to Concord

October 8, 2017

Bill of Rights for NH Foster Parents

October 4, 2017

To the Editor: We need foster parent bill of rights

October 4, 2017

Job ad posted for new DCYF watchdog role

October 4, 2017


DHHS head says DCYF staffing concerns driven by growing caseload

September 30, 2017


Fostering Change: Alliance for NH Foster Parents

September 22, 2017

DCYF Leader: More Workers Needed to Keep up with Caseload

September 22, 2017

My Turn: Invest in family drug courts

September 20, 2017


N.H. DCYF Taps N.J. Official As New Leader

September 19, 2017


NH DHHS announces new DCYF director

September 19, 2017

DCYF reform proceeding on many fronts, but still has far to go, lawmaker says

September 14, 2017

After delay, new commission overseeing DCYF to meet this month

September 9, 2017


Another View- Sharon Carson: Committing to solving problems at DCYF

August 22, 2017


New Hampshire Bill Paves Way for Grandfamilies Affected by Opioid Crisis

August 17, 2017


Adoptive parents keep pushing to have DCYF records released

August 9, 2017

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Sununu nominates former DCYF leader to head up child protection agency

May 16, 2017


Foster moms open homes and hearts                       

May 14, 2017

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