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NH does not permit ballot initiatives, therefore a petition signed by a certain number of registered voters cannot force a referendum (public vote). In order to promote change for any of the laws that affect foster care you must reach out to your local state representative. This is not as complicated as you might think! Once you know who your local representative is then you can email him/her about your ideas and concerns. Of course you are free to reach out to any elected official, but you will be most effective by contacting legislators who represent your position in the town/city in which you live in.   

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Fostering Change: Alliance for NH Foster Parents is committed to promoting revisions and new legislature that ensures ethical practices and fair treatment within our child welfare system.

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We must fight for our rights and the rights of the children we care about!

Laws Passed in 2018


SB1562 (2018)

First law in NH exclusively for foster parents. 


Laws Passed in 2017

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SB 167 (2017)

Provides that the burden of proof in termination of parental rights cases shall be proof beyond a reasonable doubt, rather than clear and convincing evidence.

HB 629 (2017)

Makes it easier for grandparents to get guardianship of grandchildren as the result of a parent's substance abuse or dependence.

HB 349 (2017)

Requires that a court order to remove a child from a home includes written findings of why out-of-home placement is necessary, such as specific instances of abuse or neglect.

HB 355 (2017)

Requires that the adoption and foster family home licensing process includes a fingerprint-based criminal records check of any adult living in the home. At the time of this bill's submission, any adults living in the home are checked against child abuse and neglect registries, but only potential foster or adoptive parents are fingerprinted.

HB 422 (2017)

Repeals the Child Protection Act, which governs the procedure for removing a child from a home in cases of abuse or neglect. This bill also establishes a committee to study the repeal of the Child Protection Act, particularly what other legislative changes are necessary related to the repeal.

HB 338 (2017)

Clarifies that the state must terminate parental rights for a person convicted of murder or manslaughter of his/her child or other family member; this includes parental rights for a child born after the parent's conviction.

SB 166 (2017)

States, "Upon a showing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the child's birth is the result of sexual assault of the birth mother, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that termination of the biological father's parent-child relationship with the child is in the best interest of the child."


Do You Want to Help on a National Level?


Go to Govtrack to browse bills in the U.S. Congress related to foster care and adoption, as determined by the Library of Congress. Here you will find out what stage a bill is in, how to support or veto a bill and who to contact with your opinion.

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