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Foster parents and relative caregivers have valuable tips and tricks to help each other navigate the foster care system. Our public Facebook page is a place for empowerment and has helpful hints based on experience. Building upon our mission, we are committed to giving those who care about foster children a stronger voice and providing support and resources for success in your ability to advocate for your rights and for what your foster child needs for a happy, healthy and safe future.


Sharing through the Alliance is done through a moderated Facebook page by a foster parent mentor, not a representative from DCYF or anyone from a NHDHHS collateral agency, organization or a contracted state employee.


We would really like to hear from you if you've had a positive experience with foster care, especially it was cooperative or you were able to overcome adversity with DCYF, CASA or their collateral agencies, like an ISO organization or a parent aide company. If you feel confused, misled or discriminated against, we hope that information on our website and posts from fellow foster parents and relative caregivers will provide you with some guidance and support.


This Facebook page is public and is a useful tool to help others. To maintain the confidentiality of our foster children and their birth families it may not be used to share personal stories that contain identifying information or demographics related to an abuse/neglect case. If you'd like to share your story please scroll down below for instructions.




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The integrity of the Alliance community is of utmost importance to us. It adds meaning to our mission and brings us together in a special way where foster parents can feel comfortable sharing, therefore we do ask all members to please be mindful of other people's feelings. Reprisal or any  disrespectful or disparaging remarks will not be tolerated and a Facebook page follower or member of the Alliance may be subject to immediate removal.


Do You Have a Story You'd Like to Share That Can Help Us Make Change?


If you do have a story that you'd like to share with the Alliance for policy development and foster care reform we protect our confidential sources. Please try and remember not to use any identifying information. We reserve the right to change any names, locations or any other demographics. Need help and don't know where to turn? Fill out our Foster Care Concerns Form and we'll try our best to connect you with helpful resources. 


To remain completely anonymous you may enter "Anonymous" as your name & as your email address & then all information you provide will be 100% confidential.

General Disclaimer: Thank you for visiting the FOSTERING CHANGE: Alliance for NH Foster Parents website. The information on this site is for personal and educational purposes only. Our organization disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from the usage or the content of our website or any suggestions from an Alliance representative. Please be sure to double check any referenced laws, rules or regulations as they may have been revised or eliminated. The Child Protection Act RSA 169-C mandates that any person who has reason to suspect that a child is being  abused, neglected, maltreated or exploited must make a report to the proper authorities.  All citizens in the state of NH are mandated as reporters for 169-C , therefore let it be known that  any information that is shared with an Alliance representative, which must be reported within the context of the law in accordance with 169-C, will be reported. If you know a child at risk, please call 9-1-1 and/or the DCYF Central Intake Hotline immediately at: 1-800-894-5533. 

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