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FOSTERING CHANGE: Alliance for NH Foster Parents provides support and empowers foster parents, relative caregivers and concerned citizens to advocate for statewide child welfare improvements. Together we strive to meet the needs of at-risk children and families, especially those affected by the Opioid crisis throughout NH. 


Everyone can do something! The Alliance community collaborates with our local government, including State Senators and Representatives to bring awareness to issues in foster care. We also hold positions on various committees throughout the state to

discuss the implementation of family drug courts,

working together with birth parents and getting the church and

the community-at-large involved in foster care reform.

Our "change-makers" are making a difference!  



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Get Involved

At FOSTERING CHANGE: Alliance for NH Foster Parents we care about supporting families, children of all ages, and the child welfare system as a whole to grow, connect, improve, and move forward. Our unwavering commitment as activists and concerned citizens is intended to create a persuasive coalition that will raise awareness, join with other community organizations and change the future. Together we develop and implement strategies for change, mobilize churches and the community, and support one another to build resiliency and make change.  The Alliance also fully supports The New Road Project and works together with them in their efforts to challenge the system to improve child protection in our state through advocacy, activism and education.  


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Getting foster parents is not the problem, keeping them is!